The 2017 Caticon (pronounced Ca’-tuh-khan), or Cat Comic Con, is the Brooklyn Cat Cafe’s first foray into the storied tradition of comic book conventions which have grown in popularity to encompass tv shows, movies, games, other pop media, as well as other nerd-related culture.

In all of the above media, furry felines have seemingly found their  way into particular niches, where they then made their marks and entered into our collective cultural consciousness.  Garfield. Felix. Cat Woman. Black Panther. Grumpy Cat. All the Neko Atsume cats.  To name a few.

The Events lined up for the First Annual Caticon will provide an exploration, study, and celebration, of all things comics and cats, in a setting shared with 20+ adoptable rescue cats.

See the Schedule for more details.

About the Brooklyn Cat Cafe

We are a 501c3 not-for-profit animal rescue group, run by the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, with the help of other local rescues.  The Cat Cafe started as a pop-up in Fort Green called the Cat’s Meow, in the Fall of 2015,  before moving to our current permanent space on Atlantic Avenue in May of 2016.  All of our cats are rescues– meaning they were pulled from kill shelters, or they were friendlies found and taken off the streets during TNR projects, to give them a shot of living a better life indoors.  We welcome visitors of all ages, who are looking to adopt, foster, learn more about the care of cats, or who just like to reap the therapeutic benefits of spending time with purring animals.

All proceeds and donations from Caticon will go towards the immediate needs of our present and future rescue cats.

We effusively thank our sponsors, who have generously donated funds, goods, time, and talent towards making Caticon 2017 possible.  Please read more about them here.(link)